About Us

A family owned and owner managed business, offering our clients an efficient  personalised service, sourcing the best products for you. 

Our staff and clients are a priority, promising quality service and a large range of quality products.

We have three divisions which include chem cleaning chemicals, chem packaging, chem safety wear and safety gear and chem sanitary ware.

Our team are experienced in the industry and strive to offer our customers the highest level of service as well as quality products.

We are currently based in Johannesburg North and we service the Gauteng area with a 24 hour delivery turn-around time. Our teams are ready to assist you in your next order.


Quality Service

Fantastic Customer Service

24 Hour Delivery

Variety of Products

Family Owned Business


The vision for the business is to expand through-out South Africa as well as growing our local teams and manufacturing facility. Our mission is to build a reputation in the industry of excellent service as well as products. We pride ourselves in operating with values such as honesty, integrity and going beyond our customers expectations.

Our Products

We supply cleaning detergents and cleaning products from the factory. These include Air Freshener, Bleach, Toilet Paper, Polishes, Car Wash, Dash Polish, Fabric Softener, Washing Powder, Drain Cleaner, Floor and Surface Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner, Germ Buster, Hand Grit Cleanser, Toilet Bowl Cleanser, Window Cleaner, Liquid Detergent, Pine Disinfectant and Gel, Brooms, Mops etc.

Keep your bathroom facilities hygienic with our quality sanitary ware such as sanitary bins, soap dispensers, hand towel dispensers, dustbins and more for every size facility.

In many industries packaging is needed and we specialize in the Food and Beverage industry. Packaging is custom made according to our customer’s requirements and budgets, this can also include branding. There are also biodegradable options available that are more environmentally friendly.

Lastly, all companies have health and safety standards to adhere to, we offer all safety wear and safety equipment for all industries with branding available also.